The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs in Financing the African Union

Contribution to a special issue “AU@20: Looking Back and Thinking Forward on the Impact of the African Union on Deepening Continental Integration in Africa”, Southern African Public Law, edited by Nciko wa Nciko & Babatunde Fagbayibo

Money makes the world go round. The African Union (AU) is no exception to this rule, and in its first two decades, the organisation’s politics has never been far removed from questions about money. Over the last few years, the power of money has become more significant, with the revitalisation of the AU Peace Fund, member states’ substantive decrease of the AU’s budget for 2019, and the highly-publicised allegations of Chinese espionage in the AU’s Chinese-built headquarters building completed in 2012. But during its first two decades, the AU has also found it difficult to obtain funding for its transformative, Pan-African agenda from resources in and outside the continent.

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