· AUDA-NEPAD: Does money and focus equal ownership and trade?
ECDPM Talking Points, March 2021.
Republished also in AUDA-NEPAD’s HABARI newsletter in March 2021.

· How member states and partners impede the African Union’s quest for financial autonomy, The Conversation, December 2020.

· More work lies ahead to make Africa’s new free trade area succeed, The Conversation, June 2019.

· Interview: Jean-François Bayart, Jet d’Encre, December 2015 (EN+FR)

Policy Reports (selection)

· Policy brief: Overcoming APSA’s challenges through new approaches to collective security, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, January 2022.

· “Merging peace and politics: How will the African Union address the governance agenda?”, with Martin Ronceray and Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw, ECDPM Discussion Paper No. 303, June 2021.

· “Mapping of Donor Engagement in the Local Governance Sector in the Palestinian Territories”, GIZ, May 2017.

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·  “TTIP: Switzerland at the Table or on the Menu?”, Policy Brief, foraus Think-Tank, Zurich, May 2016

·  “The European Union’s Regionalism Diplomacy in Africa: An English School Approach”, Bruges Regional Integration & Global Governance (BRIGG) Working Paper, UNU-CRIS, October 2015

·  “Understanding civil society and European Parliament contention with TTIP negotiations”, EU Diplomacy Papers, College of Europe, April 2015


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